Here at beami we do things a little differently.

We don’t just deliver training, we deliver an immersive experience. Whether it’s levelling up your leaders or delivering a skill burst workshop for your front-line customer service heroes, beami creates a truly enjoyable and memorable learning journey.  We have gained unique insight working across multiple corporate industries and know how transformative great training can be.

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Neuroscience tells us: When the fun stops, so does the learning!

This is why, at beami, learning is always fun.


You might wonder where the name beami came from? Well wonder no longer, it is a blend of our founder's names, Ben and Mike, just as the business is built on a blend of the founder's personalities, values and skills. 

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Company directors Ben and Mike have over 25 years’ combined people development expertise. They have delivered a wealth of training and coaching across a spectrum of organisations. The days of 'Tick box' training are well and truly over. The new generation of people development solutions needs to be modern, current and super engaging.

This is what beami stands for. The formula is simple: We design amazing engaging workshops and we use beami accredited trainers to deliver them at an affordable cost to you and your business.

Ben Dixon, Director


Our Values



You’re super busy, we know that. From our Directors to our Trainers – everyone you interact with is primed to make your life easy. We will work with you and do everything we can to take away the strain.



You know what you’re getting with beami. Quality material and quality delivery. You can rely on us to be there, ready to rock each and every time you need us.



Lets be honest, you’ve probably attended training before and felt like your soul has been drained from your body! At beami, we make sure everyone is involved, learning and having fun guided by our awesome trainers.


Value for money

Yes we deliver epic training experiences, but make no mistake about it, we know why training is required: bottom line business results. That is why we work with you to understand where your focus is, so we can target our training to hit the sweet spot.


How to sign up

Simply get in contact with us and we can help you every step of the way.

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How long are the courses

Our courses range between several hours and several weeks. It all depends on the nature of the course itself. You can check out the list on our courses page.

Our Courses

Ben Dixon

Ben’s career focus has always been about developing people, that’s plain to see when you look at his experience and roles he’s had over the last 11 years. Ben started his people development journey as a coach in the UK before moving to India to lead and develop new leaders in the banking industry. After his time as a learning and development consultant working with two FTSE100 organisations, Ben decided to share the expertise he’d gathered over the years with a wider audience and moved into external consulting. Ben’s true skill is that he is able to connect with a huge range people on an emotional level very quickly, getting true buy into the learning that helps those people retain information and apply that learning back in the workplace.

Mike Farmer

Mike’s passion is people development. That’s what drove him to his first leadership role working within a challenging call center environment. Over a decade later, Mike also led teams in a back office environment and went onto lead a national Learning and Development training team. All through these years Mike dipped in and out of training delivery working with Customer Advisors, Financial Advisors and Leaders. After many successful years in finance, there was an opportunity to deliver training in different sectors. Mike took the leap of faith and the rest is history! Mike works across the UK and Europe working with and delivering learning interventions to multiple businesses in multiple sectors.

Our Courses

At beami we offer both Pre-loaded Courses and bespoke training which can be written to address your specific needs. Check out our courses.

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